Accessible, Affordable
& Effective Healthcare

Across the board, today’s healthcare could use a solid dose of efficiency, personalization and modernization. With a new generation of healthcare patients and policy ahead, it’s also time for new values for healthcare.

At Guiding Life, we are focused on making healthcare more accessible, affordable and effective for your lifestyle and budget.

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10 familiar symptoms that prove the healthcare system is defeating
its purpose... to take care of us. The expense shows in the quality
of our health and the additional weight it puts on our budgets.

1. Too Many Sick People

Our largest generation is aging, and healthcare reform is adding 30-50 million new patients to an already struggling system. There are already too many sick people now. Big trouble is ahead.

2. Too Few Physicians

It is projected that we will be 50,000 primary-care physicians short of the country’s needs in the next decade. Access to primary care will be further threatened by this decrease in physicians and increase in insured patients.

3. Your Time, Wasted

Commute and wait time account for 84% of the 102 minutes spent on the average doctor’s appointment. With 956 million medical appointments in the U.S. each year, how can we afford to waste so much time when viable, time-saving alternatives exist?

4. Over Testing

Each year, there are over seven billion lab tests performed in the United States. In addition to those, a lack of knowledge of personal and family history leads to millions of unnecessary cardiac stress tests, chest x-rays, colonoscopies, bone density scans and other tests every year.

5. Unnecessary Expenses

The average U.S. doctor’s visit costs $89 and takes time from work, family and leisure. Unnecessary, uninformed tests are a drag on your deductible and on your pocketbook. Effective healthcare is the most important thing in the world, and yet, who can afford it?

  6. Unbearable Costs

The cost of healthcare is rising at an average of 12% per year. Healthcare is already too expensive. Current trends add up to a healthcare money pit.

7. High Collateral Cost

Collateral costs such as absenteeism, lack of productivity, workers’ compensation and short- and long-term disability account for 75% of the cost of an unhealthy workforce. If our healthcare can’t help maintain a healthy workforce, how can businesses succeed?

8. Lack of Prevention

How many times have you seen your dentist in the last three years? Six times? No cavities, right? How many times have you seen your primary health provider? Only when you are sick, right? Where is prevention in healthcare? And how much can it help?

9. Slow Adoption of Technology

The stethoscope was invented in 1816. Technology has changed the way we live. Why isn’t it changing the way we and our health system takes care of us?

10. Reliance on Out-dated Processes

There are currently more than 10,000 mobile healthcare apps available to consumers and providers. Despite all of that technology, when was your last virtual doctor’s visit? When was the last time your doctor prescribed you an app instead of medication?

Our Vision

Doctor and Patient   1. Instant Accessibility

To nurses, physicians and specialists

2. Personalized Medicine

Early detection of diseases through comprehensive personalized biometric screenings based on personal and family history

3. Technologically Today

Affordable prevention-based healthcare that works for your lifestyle

Industry-leading healthcare providers and wellness professionals have created
a personalized system that directly meets the needs of your budget, your lifestyle and most importantly your health.

Healthcare can be accessible, affordable and more effective.

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What if the technology existed that could...

  • Remotely monitor body conditions and automatically alert you with vital sign statistics in real-time?
  • Provide instant access to nurses and physicians through your phone or tablet?
  • Personalize health programs to your needs?
  • Integrate all of your healthcare information in one convenient, secure place?

That technology already does exist.

We are using it, and it is dramatically improving people’s relationship with healthcare. By providing faster, more comfortable access and personalizing programs to your needs, we are increasing the effectiveness of healthcare and driving down costs.

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Personalized Medicine for Employers

Changes in healthcare are going to make the programs you provide
for your employees a major player in retention and recruitment.

The Bottom Line
Currently, medical and pharmacy account for only 25% of the cost burden of unhealthy employees. Unless your healthcare approach is comprehensive and all-encompassing, the significant cost burden of short-term and long-term disability, workers’ compensation and other indirect employee health costs may be too heavy for any employer to bear.
Beyond the Bottom Line
Additionally, statistics show that a healthy employee is a more productive employee. A system that focuses on prevention and supports better health and well-being for all of your employees decreases stress and absenteeism and keeps your best employees working for you.
A Seat at the Insurance Table
The mHealth platform is an integrated system that gives you more insight into the health of your employees. This knowledge gives you the ability to make smarter decisions about your healthcare program that will save your company money and create a healthier, happier, more productive employee population.

Guiding Life is dedicated to help employers prepare for changes in healthcare
and provide a plan that will put you in the driver's seat.